In einem hohen Raum hängen hunderte kleine Submunitionen an Fäden von der Decke.

Während der Obama- und dem Ende der Bush-Administration machten sich Campaigner weltweit Hoffnung, die USA könne sich in Richtung Verbot von Streubomben aufmachen. Seit Trump ist diese Hoffnung weitestgehend begraben. Doch selbst "realistische" Denkfabriken, wie die Zeitschrift The National Interest, fordern einen anderen Umgang mit Streubomben. 

War is a terrible thing. Innocent men, women and children regrettably but inevitably lose their lives in the course of hostilities, and millions of people could very lose their homes, businesses and indeed their families. The soldiers, pilots and sailors who fight a war are victims as well; for those lucky enough to come back home, many experience a high degree of emotional trauma that can seriously impact the rest of their lives.

But as brutal as war is, there are some weapons much of the world views as unacceptable and, therefore, off limits. Nuclear weapons, which can wipe out entire cities and indeed annihilate civilization itself, are one. Chemical and biological weapons, which kill people in the most painful of ways, are others. And for over one hundred countries, cluster munitions—bombs that release small fragments over a wide area before ground impact—also qualify as weapons too heinous to use under any circumstances.


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