In einem hohen Raum hängen hunderte kleine Submunitionen an Fäden von der Decke.

Die Fotojournalistin Laura Boushnak hat den Streubombenüberlebenden Mohammed über zehn Jahre immer wieder portraitiert. Mohammed war kurz nach dem Krieg zwischen der Hizbollah und Israel mit seinem Vater über eine Streubombe gefahren. Die Explosion verletzte ihn so schwer, dass er amputiert werden musste. Die beeindruckende Bildergeschichte erzählt Mohammeds Geschichte - und so viele mehr. Denn wie so viele hat auch ihn diese Erfahrung aus dem "normalen" Leben geschmissen. Er ist Analphabet, hat keinen Job und ist depressiv. 

Quelle: Jadaliyya

Survivor is a decade-long documentary photography project following the story of Mohammed, a young cluster bomb survivor. During the summer 2006 Israel-Hizbollah war in Lebanon he was riding as a passenger on his father's motorbike when it struck a cluster bomb. Over the past 10 years I have documented how Mohammed, like so many other survivors around the world, lives with the horrifying repercussions of cluster munitions.

Mohammed was eleven years old when he lost both legs during the last week of the conflict. The fact that he lives a five-minute drive from my parents' home made it easier to follow him through the years. I saw the young boy who had to endure physical and emotional trauma. I saw the teenager who loves to swim but needs help with everyday tasks. And I know the young, jobless man who spends hours surfing the Internet trying to meet a girl who might become his girlfriend. His daily reality continues to be shaped by the sudden loss of his legs, as it always will.

A cluster bomb is a large canister dropped from the sky. It opens up in midair to release hundreds of bomblets. They scatter widely and on impact many fail to explode. Those submunitions act like landmines, laying on the ground, waiting for someone or something to set them off. If someone steps on them by accident, or picks them up, they can explode. These weapons are extremely unpredictable, which makes the threat they pose even greater. One day, a farmer might be able to work his land without any problems. The next day he might be burning some branches and submunitions close by could be set off by the heat. Another problem is that children mistake these bomblets for toys, because they can look like bouncy balls or soda cans.


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